Updated 18 November 2017

Practice Times
    Iaido:  Sundays 3:30 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.
    Kendo:  Wednesdays 7:00 p.m. – 8:45 p.m.

    End times may vary depending on the class lesson plan and number of students in attendance.

2017 Practice Breaks and Scheduled Events
  • 22 November, Wednesday - No Kendo Practice.
  • 13 December, Wednesday - Joint practice at Ito Dojo & Last Practice of the year.
  • Practice resumes in January, day TBD

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2018 Projected Practice Breaks and Scheduled Events
These dates may be modified as the year progresses.  Additional breaks and events are sure to be
Weather cancellations will be communicated on this page and via text and email.

  • xx January - first practice of the year and dojo New Year party.  Date TBD.
  • 1 April, Sunday - no practice (Easter)
  • xx April - no practice (SWKIF spring event)
  • 13 May, Sunday - no practice (Mother's Day)
  • 27 May, Sunday - no practice (Memorial Day weekend)
  • 17 June, Sunday - no practice (Father's Day)
  • xx June - no practice (AUSKF Iaido Summer Camp)
  • 4 July, Wednesday - No practice (4th of July holiday)
  • 15 July, Sunday - Practice, followed by dojo cleaning and 3rd annual 4th of July('ish)
    burger burn.
  • 2 September, Sunday - no practice (Labor Day weekend)
  • xx October - no practice - SWKIF Fall event (dates and location TBD)
  • 21 November, Wednesday - no practice (day before Thanksgiving)
  • 19 December, Wednesday - Last practice of the year.  Practice resumes in January, day TBD

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If you have desire to strike, you will not see the opponent’s okori.
  ~ Oda Katsuo ~

The true struggle is within oneself – to strive to continually improve – to never stagnate or regress.
  ~ Ota Tadanori ~

Other Mushinkan Quotes:
"Kendo is a conversation.  All you have to do is listen."
"It's hard to kill someone in one breath."
"You won because our opponent was worse."
"You're very bad, but better than last week."
"You looked strong, but you looked strong only because your opponent was weak."